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San Francisco Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

We Want to Listen to and Address Your Concerns

Adults who sexually abuse children can ruin lives. Such immoral and criminal actions can cause irreversible psychological damage and emotional scars that may never truly heal even with the course of time, intensive treatment, or therapy. The damages that can be done to a child may be immeasurable.

At Matiasic & Johnson LLP, our San Francisco child sexual abuse lawyers are dedicated to two main efforts:

  • Dedicated to making certain that abusers are held responsible for acts of gross negligence against innocent children
  • Dedicated to ensuring that individuals, public entities, school districts, governments, or other responsible parties are held financially liable for not acting accordingly to protect children

It takes courage to step forward after an act of abuse or sexual abuse. Especially for a young child who may not know better, speaking up after such a tragic event can be terrifying. This time can be traumatic for victims and for the entire family, but Matiasic & Johnson LLP is here to listen to your story compassionately and intently. No matter where you are at in life or what your needs are, we are here for you.

Matiasic & Johnson LLP: Cultivating an Environment of Trust

Our law firm has been trusted to conduct thorough investigations surrounding any claim involving the sexual abuse of a child in school settings and other public and private institutions. In our pursuit of civil justice, we can draw from extensive legal experience to help uncover any evidence of abuse. We are equipped to collect key witness testimonies, documentation, or proof of negligence of any organization or individual.

We have helped our clients obtain substantial settlements in cases involving negligence in the following types of cases:

Due to our tireless pursuit for justice, our skilled litigators have helped clients overcome secrecy and deceit. If your child has been sexually abused, or if you begin to suspect that your child is a victim of sexual abuse, do not wait until the signs escalate into a nightmare that no parent should ever have to confront. We have the ability to uncover evidence of abuse. As a result, many cases of child abuse have been stopped through the efforts of our seasoned litigators.

You Can Depend on Us to Hold People Accountable for Gross Negligence

You deserve an attorney who can be by your family's side through every stage of this complicated legal process. We understand how frightening taking legal action can be. You may be worried about the effects that litigation may have on your child, especially since he or she has already been through so much. You can trust that our firm can help you navigate the process with ease and with minimal exposure. At Matiasic & Johnson LLP, we are dedicated to upholding the highest level of confidentiality, integrity, and respect for our clients.

If you wish to learn more about how our firm can be of assistance to your family during this time, do not hesitate to give call us. Contact Matiasic & Johnson LLP today for your free case evaluation .

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